Are you happy? I ask myself on this warm and sunny day,
But of course, an inner voice replies for we are making our own way.

There are challenges to come, of this I am well aware,
But fear won’t stop me for we only live as long as we dare.

Beauty is seen everywhere, simply open your eyes and look,
Mother nature is still willing to give even after everything we took.

An unspoken connection binds us creatures together, every living being,
Many have forgotten this but kindness is not lost just harder for seeing.

In unity we must work to protect, flourish and sustain,
There are those that raise us, inspiring life and those that will drain.

Our expectations of another are the things that may break our hearts,
But the other is the same, they act in the way they trust, simply playing their part.

We must accept individuals as unique, we simply don’t have to involve
Ourselves in their lives if we perform on levels that have chosen to out-evolve.

It is a lesson that needs to be learnt but we are blind to see until we must,
We choose to try and change, though easily overtaken by greed and lust.

This lesson I am learning and yet I am still hurt due to my own hope in change,
But is it better to be hurt and hope than accept and simply blame?