I calmly ignore you there and leave you be in the corner,

I accept you as an unwelcome guest, in my kitchen, a foreigner.

You slowly gain more confidence, coming closer to my being,

I become more aware, not trusting this buzzing speck, foreseeing.

And correct I am!! The cheek of this yellow and black poison sculpted creature,

Has chosen to rest upon my hair acting as a permanent feature.

My eyes slide to the peripheral, noticing your abundant legs, I’m looking frantic,

I calmly start to shake my head, swatting faster, beginning to panic.

I leap and scream at the prospect of pain, mum rushes over and gives me the all clear,

I ask “are you sure” in panting breath, “of course” she replies, “nothing to fear”.

I relax, still slightly shaken from the experience, unsuspecting of this bug,

I look in the mirror, checking my hair, have a quick pout and shoulder shrug.

White hot pokers explode in my neck, the burning is intense, I grab my nape,

and throw this insect across the room before touching the small hole that now gapes

in my neck and think, did a sting always hurt with this much might and fire burning wild?

I feel like I was far more equipped to deal with a wasp as a small and stronger child.