We’ve all been in a rush to get out the door, perfume cloud pre-sprayed ready for the mad dash to wherever we just need to be. What do you grab? Dry shampoo of course!

For the ladies on the go, gals who are trying to leave a few days between washes or even the fine-haired beauties looking for that extra oompf in volume – dry shampoo has become a staple in everyday beauty routines.

Make sure you are choosing the right product for you with this list of shampoos that are certain to leave you smiling and a few that certainly won’t. From bad to beautiful we have:

#5 Herbal Essences – Body Envy

This ‘could try harder’ offering from the usually on-point brand is more than a little disappointing. 10/10 for scent, my nose was dazzled as always, but that is where the dashing compliments end. Prepare for a heavy, sticky feeling that somehow ends up making you look like a Lego movie extra – it’s a no from me.

#4 Swarzkopf – got 2 be: Fresh it Up

Again this product has some pro’s – the main being it does come in a super handy travel size for the jet-setter amongst us. Unfortunately, the con list far outweighs the pro’s with this spray which certainly gives lift whilst leaving a crunchy, hair spray-esque finish. I’m afraid this dry shampoo got 2 GO!

#3 Batiste

The famous brand does not fail to disappoint, but neither does it wow. Yes, it is one of the most reasonable options on the market and yes, it does leave your hair feeling clean. However, with cleanliness comes great work – shake, SHAKE it harder than Taylor Swift herself because if you don’t you can expect a whole heap of greys & a snowy residue to rival NYC at Christmas.

#2 (i) Lee Stafford – Original

OK, so I couldn’t decide on second place as both products are hella’ worthy of the title. Lee Stafford just falls behind VO5 due to the bigger price tag attached but, don’t let that put you off as you will be whipping your hair back and forth young Willow Smith style and strutting into a 5 day wash-free week with confidence.

#2 (ii) VO5 – Plump me up

VO5 take a bow, you’ve done very well, not only does this little gem leave your hair feeling clean and soft, I say captain, we do have take off! Marilyn Monroe would certainly be singing to the tune of that plumped up Volume.

#1 Lee Stafford – CoCo LoCo

We have our winner! You can go to the ends of the earth, just make sure to pack this bad-boy in your best Louis Vuitton. Wake up every day to fresh, plump and perfect hair whether it is day 1 or day 10 (don’t judge!). Be your best self knowing that you look damn fine – oh and smell delish… Yes please.

Remember ladies, you are GORGEOUS – just make sure your dry shampoo knows it. 😉😘

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