This post could certainly be profound, it could even be an extraordinary bible of top tips on how to increase your views and subscribers. It is in fact none of these things. Is it a rant? Possibly.

Why? This is the three letter word that has haunted more than a fair share of souls as they scribble their inner most thoughts onto a public forum to then be judged by strangers, or worse, ignored.

What do I really think that I know that others will find so interesting that I should possibly get paid to put pen to paper?

Searching the internet through my usual haunt of Pinterest, I come across many blogs that seem to have purpose but, god damn these people can’t write for shit. Why do they do it?

Maybe it is to show the world that they have a handle on their small circle of ‘knowledge’ – “Yes Sheila, I look like crap because I forgot to pay the electricity bill and got changed in the dark but, my post on how to distress a French dresser just reached 200 hits!”

I know what you are thinking, how did she write that post if she had no electricity? The mind truly boggles.

Let’s move away from roasting others and take a look inwards – wow, a few cobwebs have formed, I really do need to do a little more self searching. *Said no one not pretentious. If you want to meditate Carol, meditate, don’t keep harping on.

After starting 4 blogs and barely getting past 3 posts – this one here has far surpassed my previous experiences, maybe I’m growing? (More likely is that I get hired through this type of shizzle LOL, I KNOW RIGHT?!) I am left to wonder, why did I start these blogs in the first place?

Yes I know about travel, who doesn’t nowadays? Yes I have enough cinnamon facts to bore Al Gore into a non monotonous cry of desperation to escape. Yes I know about wine, but any lush does. Yes I am a damn good cook – I’m leaving that there as I am a DAMN good cook. Why should the world care? Why do we care that the world cares?

I have heard it is to share the joy of knowledge but I am calling bullshit on that – I make an epic chicken pie and I will die before giving you my secret recipe, that’s my pulling pie 😉

That brings us to the end of this post. Was it totally pointless? Totally. Have you learned something? Not a chance.

If you want to hire a writer that produces utterly pointless comedy gold, get in touch and let’s talk cinnamon…