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Hello! My name is Amy Swift and I humbly welcome you to my freelance copywriting website, Every Cloud Copy.

I hope you enjoy this hub of awesome and diverse content. I aim to give you a sneak preview of the skills and tonality of writing I am able to produce, so you may see how I can provide the best for your business.

I set up this business in August 2013, though it was originally known as Every Cloud Marketing and I specialized in market research, strategies and tactics.

This path has provided me with a wonderful stepping stone when it comes to writing copy for businesses. It allows me to understand target audiences, the nuances of branding and tonality as well as how to outperform the benchmark better than many other writers in my field.

Not only does this put me in a unique position in terms of writing, it also means that I am able to conduct in-depth research in a fraction of the time it takes most writers. Saving you time and money!

On to the writing… I have always had a passion for writing. I wrote poetry from a very young age and compiled a book in order to be published at age 11. However, my time management skills back then were not as they are now and unfortunately this never came to fruition, though you can see examples of my poetry on this site.

For the last two years, I have specialised in copywriting while in my most recent full-time employment with Mr Green Online Casino. I was one of three Global Copywriters responsible for a number of different tasks, such as:

– Writing of online promotions

UX website content – working closely with Swedish developers to get the best experience on-site for our customers


– Product descriptions – mostly Video Slot/ Live Casino Game releases

Communications – email, SMS & direct mail marketing

– Press Releases

– Templates used by Customer Support

– Legal Terms & conditions involved with any promotions on-site

– Acquisition landing pages

– Affiliate invitations

– In-company invitations & documents

– In-company monthly newsletter

– Employee training manuals

– Corporate presentations & employee presentations

– Social media posts & communications

– Market research surveys

– Award applications

That’s just scratching the surface!

Though my main focus these two years has been that of the IGaming & Gambling industry, I have a wealth of experience in other industries from past employment and freelance projects.

My particular passion (you may notice this on-site) is Food and Drink, especially Wine. I worked as a sales manager for a wine workshop that specialized in the Bordeaux region and was owned by a member of the Jurade de Saint-Émilion.

This gave me a particular knowledge of the region and a fascination with the drink. However, it soon became clear that wine knowledge seems to be reserved for a particular class of individuals. My homage to the centuries old tipple is to bring that in-depth knowledge to the average person in a fun and easily digestible way.

My other areas of knowledge are as follows:

Travel & Tourism – Having worked on and marketed a Cinnamon & Tea plantation in Sri Lanka, as well as creating marketing strategies and content for a number of B&B’s & luxury hotels.

Asset Finance – Conducting an in-depth market research project for the lack of, and subsequent launching of a client’s first Social Media platform. This is also involved providing a rotating content calendar based on engagement.

NGO’s – Working with children in poverty, improving the website & creating a marketing plan to increase business & therefore donations.

Fashion & Beauty – A keen interest in beauty & fashion has led to collaborations with a number of bloggers, advising on how best to reach their target audience and writing of product descriptions.

I know that was a heck of an eyeful to read and so, if you have managed to get this far I salute you! I hope you have seen that I have a wealth of knowledge as a multi-skilled copywriter and should you wish to learn more about me or how we can begin to work together, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Feel free to follow either myself or Every Cloud Copy on LinkedIn for interesting content updates & inspirations.

You know your business, I know how to write. Together let’s create something special.

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